Our team

Our team "NADINE" consists of experienced specialist in their field of expertise. Every team member caters for the tourists best experience which attracts new and current adventure seekers to return to us. Our captain is a trustworthy and reliable person that always pays extra attention to details. With an eye for our Red Sea, our captain always carefully chooses a safe and reliable route for everyone's security.

Nearing the costal reef, our captain takes strict measures of precautions, in order for our guests to enjoy their experience in absolute safety.

Our chef cook masters the art of preparing in addition to local Egyptian dishes, Russian and European dish specialities which are all freshly, healthy and deliciously served on board of "Nadine" to satisfy any wishes.

The pleasant and cozy atmosphere present in the cabin and dining room is being created by our stewards. All our stewards are trustworthy, kind hearted and pay close attention to detail making them a very approachable team ready to clarify anything to our guests.

Our dive guide is an experienced and trustworthy accompanion ready to show the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea to the wiling, be it at intermediate or advanced level.

Diving with our guide
assures safety and security foremost.

Our captains assistants
organize and successfully mange the yacht in any circumstances and preserve ideal cleanness on board. In addition, assistants are always there to help and give a useful hand on putting on diving equipment.